Frequently Asked Questions

Am I in your area?

We service the south end of Ottawa near Hunt Club between Hawthorne & Riverside. Visit the services page to view our Service Zone map.

Contract terms?

From November 1st to April 15th

Minimum snowfall?

Our contract covers all snow events of 5cm or more. Generally, one laneway clearing is scheduled for a snowfall of 15cm or less, and multiple visits if the snowfall is over that amount. However there are many instances per season where we have gone out for less than 5cm because it was heavy wet snow and the city plows were out. We also return to clear the snow left by the city plows.

Do you clear city plowing?

Yes, as our operators make their first pass after a snowfall they record where the city plow has or has not been. When they finish their first pass they make as many return trips as necessary to clean up after the city plows.

What if it snows a small amount spread over a few days?

Once the accumulation reaches 5cm on your driveway we will go out to clear it. Unless warm weather has caused it to melt to less

I’ve had other services in the past that leave snow in front of my garage, is this the case with Leeside Snowblowing?

No, at Leeside Snowblowing the tractor has a back blade that will get as close to the garage as possible usually within 1 foot.

Do you clear walkways?

No. Unfortunately at this time we do not provide walkway service.

Do you ever use a snow PLOW?

Absolutely not, all of our tractors are outfitted with snow BLOWER attachments that are much safer for your driveway. Snow blowing is a much more efficient way to clear snow as they are able to disperse the snow more evenly across your property to avoid large and potentially hazardous snow banks at the end of your driveway.

Is there a cap on the amount of annual accumulation?

Leeside shall perform regular contractual obligations on a pro-rated basis if the snowfall exceeds One hundred (100) inches (250 cm).

Example of pro-rated charge:

Contract amount of $_____ divided by 250cm of total accumulation is $____per cm of total accumulation over 250 cm. The additional charge for removal of total accumulation over 250 cm shall be paid to the contractor upon closing of contract April 15th.

I know that you will be busy during a snowstorm but will there be someone to answer my call?

Absolutely, all calls will be answered during the storm to ensure you prompt service.

Alternatively, we will post updates of start times for every storm on our website at or follow us on twitter @leesidesnow for updates directly to your phone or tablet.

With such large equipment will it damage my driveway?

No, in fact snow blowing with a tractor is the safest method of clearing your driveway available. Although the tractor is large the weight is evenly distributed across oversized tires that results in about the same force per square inch as an average car. The snow blower attached to the tractor includes a Teflon blade, stainless steel cutting knife and is safe for all driveway surfaces (inc. Interlock etc.). The attachments are calibrated to float just above the driveway surface to avoid damages.  Also, at the beginning of the season we install laneway marking posts at the end of the driveway and around obstacles to help our operators navigate throughout the winter.

Is there a problem if there is a car parked in my driveway?

No, our operators will remove as much snow as possible around your vehicles. Of course, for best results please ensure that all vehicles are removed prior to a snowstorm. If it is necessary to leave a vehicle parked in your driveway ensure that it is as close to the house and side to allow our tractors to clear as much as possible. In the case of vehicles left in the driveway our operators will give a courtesy honk of the horn to allow you to come out and move them. (except late at night).  Visit our parking guidelines page for more information.

What are your prices?

Please send us an email at or give us a call at 613-425-3425 for a free estimate                                                                                                       .

What about water valves on my driveway?

It is the responsibility of the home owner to make sure that if any water valve caps are protruding the driveway to contact the City of Ottawa by dialing 3-1-1. You will need to request that they send a service technician by to lower the pipe and cap to the level of the asphalt. If the cap is not flush with the level of the driveway it may very likely get picked off and blown onto the lawn! So, please make sure that the city takes care of this in advance of the first snow. Otherwise, once snow arrives and covers the surface, this issue is not apparent and the city may charge you for repairs in the Spring.

What are my responsibilities as a snow blowing customer?

At Leeside Snowblowing we do everything we can to alleviate the stress and strain of snow removal for our customers. There are however several things to do as a customer to help improve service and avoid damage:

  • Lower any water valves that may be on the driveway and protrude above the surface.
  • Trim overhanging branches to allow our 10.5 foot high tractors to pass.
  • Remove all objects from the snow clearing area inc. Downspouts, flower pots, basketball nets, garbage recepticles, extension cords etc. Leeside assumes no responsibilities for objects left inside the snow removal area.
  • Remove all vehicles prior to snowfall if possible or at least move close to house and side.

If it is icy do you spread salt or any traction increasing materials?

No, salt has been proven to be destructive to grass and landscaping. It is also quite costly to provide for a residential contract.

When will the laneway markers be set up and removed?

We typically install the markers 2 weeks before the start of the season and remove them 2 weeks after. We ask that if our customers remove the markers themselves that they put them on the side of the house or garage so that we may retrieve them. Please do not throw them out or store them inside.

If I am at the end of the route does this mean that I will receive poor service?

No not at all. Unique to Leeside Snowblowing, we utilize a density-based system, so we only sign up new customers if they are in our current area. This way of snow removal ensures quick response times however if there is ever an emergency you may call 613-425-3425.

What time will you clear my driveway?

We operate 24 hours a day. Our start times are based solely on the snow fall. On average we will start a 15cm or less snowfall after it has fallen or a larger snowfall when 15cm is on the ground. With this system we cannot guarantee a particular time day or night. If it snows overnight as a general rule we start at 5am and are usually done the first pass before noon. If the city is plowing all the residential streets over night we will also work over night to try to remove it before you leave for work.

What if there is an emergency and the city plow has blocked me in?

In the event of an emergency please call our office at 613-425-3425 and we will dispatch someone to your location. With our density-based system we are never more than 10 minutes away.